Nov 12 2015

Techniques for Developing Secure Software

 Techniques for Developing Secure Software
Lynda - Techniques for Developing Secure Software
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Software developers are constantly told to use secure coding practices. Luckily, with today's tools, secure code doesn't take a lot of time or effort. There are security frameworks (authentication, authorization, etc. ) developers can use as their own. There are also static and dynamic code analysis tools to test code. Plus, with security patterns that can be implemented at the design level-before coding ever begins-you can make sure you're not reinventing the wheel. Jungwoo Ryoo is a faculty member teaching cybersecurity and information technology at Penn State. In this course, he'll introduce secure software development tools and frameworks and teach secure coding practices such as input validation, separation of concerns, and single access point. He'll also show how to recognize different kinds of security threats and fortify your code. Plus, he'll help you put a system in place to test your software for any overlooked vulnerabilities.
Topics include:* What is software security?
* Analyzing different kinds of security threats
* Designing secure software by adopting patterns and addressing vulnerabilities
* Avoiding buffer overflows
* Countering insecure direct object references
* Securing sensitive data
* Testing software security.

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