MAR 05 2017

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Mar 09 2017

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure [FINAL]

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure [FINAL]
Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure [FINAL]
Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure [FINAL]|486 MB
Conduct your own robbery investigation in this quirky hand-drawn world.
Bjorn Thonen, a slob of an antique dealer living in Paris, is robbed one night after coming home intoxicated. Forced to conduct his own investigation with the help of his neighbor Sandra, he ends up involved in a murky, mysterious affair. Will these unlikely heroes be able to rise up and discover ancient secrets? Featuring a long varied adventure, beautiful hand-drawn art and over 15,000 lines of dialog, Demetrios is a quirky adventure packed with tons of humor.


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Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure [FINAL]
Mar 08 2017

Cavern Of Time [FINAL]

Cavern Of Time [FINAL]
Cavern Of Time [FINAL]
Cavern Of Time [FINAL]|438 MB

The Cavern of Time is an RPG/Adventure game where you guide the journey of a young girl, treading into a world of dangerous creatures, mystical skills and long-buried secrets. Can you find the magical locket in this perilous realm and cure your beloved grandmother’s illness? Visit the Cavern of Time and find out!

Cavern Of Time [FINAL]

Game Features:
Completely randomized loot system with over 120 items and over 100 prefixes and suffixes for them, making for almost unlimited combinations;
Fully written with novel-quality interludes and story line;
Lots of side quests to complete and skills to learn. Built in achievements track various accomplishments during the game;
Over 30 different monsters to fight, each with their own strengths, and modifiers for them as well for even more variety;
High-quality maps, monsters and graphics, along with a lush music score enhance the experience;
Fully controllable with mouse or keyboard.

Packed by RAZZ
THANKS TO cs.rin.*

**this is not a VELOCITY release

Mar 08 2017

Masha Rescues Grandma [FINAL]

Masha Rescues Grandma [FINAL]
Masha Rescues Grandma [FINAL]
Masha Rescues Grandma [FINAL]

Masha Rescues Grandma [FINAL]|50 MB

Masha rescues GrandMa is an adventure game along with mini-games intended for all, young and seniors.
Masha is a lovely mischievous girl, and very brave. She was invited by her grandmother to come and enjoy afternoon tea.

Of course, Masha will have to go through the forest, the dangerous forest to reach the home of her grandmother. She will meet several people taken from the best fairy tales and also the Big Bad Wolf. Facing the Wolf, Masha will either flee for her life or either decide to confront him.



Mar 06 2017

Rage Against The Zombies [FINAL]

Rage Against The Zombies [FINAL]
Rage Against The Zombies [FINAL]
Rage Against The Zombies [FINAL]|61.6 MB
A gigantic ZOMBIE INFESTATION is going on in your city and you're the ONE who will STOP THEM!
Waves of various DUMB ZOMBIES want to be your best friends, but it looks like you would prefer to see them dead!
So help yourself and use your skills to kill them all!
You're not alone, so don't shoot the pretty NURSE and she will try to heal you!
Let's add some FUN and don't hesitate to make some nice HEADSHOTS!!!
Rage Against The Zombies [FINAL]
Visit the Hospital, clean the Street and finally the subway! Each world has 20 levels. Unlocking all of them will be really challenging!
Survive to each different type of zombies and maybe you will be able to beat the zombie boss.
Too many zombies? Don't worry! Kill the zombie soldier and try to win a UZI, a SHOTGUN, a MINIGUN or a GRENADE LAUNCHER. Let's ROCK them !!
Lots of missions and achievements are waiting to be unlocked by the most courageous gamers!
An inventory is available. Choose your primary and secondary weapon and make your own strategy to complete each level.
You will be able to upgrade the barricade in front of you. Gain a better protection to complete the hardest missions!


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Jan 30 2017

Scrap Garden 2: The Day Before [FINAL]

Scrap Garden 2: The Day Before [FINAL]

Scrap Garden 2: The Day Before [FINAL]

Scrap Garden 2: The Day Before [FINAL]||310 MB
A new chapter of charming 3D platformer about the little rusty robot C4N who unwittingly finds himself in the midst of momentous events in Robo Land. In order to solve the new riddle, Canny will once again need to run and jump a lot, solve puzzles, and fight against enemies who are much bigger and stronger than he is.
Travel in time! Take part in the significant events unfolding the day before the main game. Find out new facts about familiar characters.
Uncover the secret of the engineer's disappearance in the catacombs under the city.
Test your abilities in mini-games and puzzles.
Enjoy the game ambience with a new score by the same composers who gave you the original game's soundtrack.


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Jan 20 2017

Fetch [FINAL]

Fetch [FINAL]
Fetch [FINAL]

Fetch [FINAL]|674 mb
Fetch [FINAL] is proud to present Fetch, an adventure tale that will warm your heart and keep you glued to the screen! One part interactive animation, one part childhood delight, equal parts adventure and arcade, Fetch captures the timeless emotion of puppy love and takes you on a journey through dark tunnels and sandy shores to save your best friend. Do you have what it takes to save Bear? Prepare yourself for a wild ride filled with wagging tails and boisterous barks!
"Seattle Museum Brings the Videogame Making Process to Life" -- All Things D
"Pixar-like storytelling and production values in the game" -- Leonard Garfield, MOHAI Executive Director
Fetch the Game is now on exhibit at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle!
☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆
✓ Battle hilarious aliens; discover a prehistoric ocean; build a robot; pilot a rocket ship, and more!
✓ Discover arcade-style games like Rainbow Snake Time and Pier Pressure; then compete for the highest score with family and friends!
✓ Captivating characters bring a timeless "tail" to life!
✓ Dive in to a living animated world
✓ Rescue furry friends and unravel the mystery of who's behind the disappearances of the world's WOOF!


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